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If you are looking into complementary or natural therapy options either as a practitioner or as a patient, you may also wish to take a look at the John Boik tome 'Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy' a free pdf download of which is available here

Nutrition for cancer patients

Nutrition for Autoimmune Disease patients

A non-exhaustive list of therapies & TESTS

with which I am familiar 

Disclaimer: I AM NOT listing these therapies here as a sign of endorsement or a recommendation but as a resource & starting point for your own research. Please do your own due-diligence on any therapies, tests and supplements. 

And please do seek the help of a qualified practitioner. 

Below I aimed to list links to pages that offer independent information providers whose websites are not motivated by commercial gain. For some I could not locate any quality links to independent sites and had to list a link to a commercial sites. Please exercise EXTRA CAUTION and common sense.

Always try to locate as many different qualified opinions, if possible underpinned by independently verified studies, before you decide to spend time and/or money on a product or a therapy. Every single product and therapy has side effects, especially herbal products. And every single therapy, however innocent and 'natural' it may seem to you, can interact with traditional medicine and drugs.(1) ​


(Listed in alphabetical order. To locate a word on this page, hold down the CTRL key and click 'F' at the same time, then type the search term into the search window that opens). To report a broken link or suggest a link not mentioned here, please email me.


  • AHCC Active Hexose Correlated Compounds - see > AHCC-Research (NOT an independent page - the organisation behind this page is charged with promoting the use of AHCC)
  • Alkalising protocols (various, also 'PH restoring' protocols) - see below under > Bicarbonate protocol or under > PH
  • Alvizatos therapy (originally devised by a Greek doctor, hence also called "Greek Cancer Cure"). Nowadays this therapy sometimes consists of IV mega doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids whereas other proponents appear to offer serum containing "brown sugar". Caution: cancer cells have a profuse appetite for sugar. So different clinics appear to offer 'serum' made from different substances. See here for a critical review of the original "Greek Cancer Cure" as devised by Dr. Hariton Tsannis Alvizatos
  • AMAS test - for info see here 
  • Ann Wigmore protocol > see under 'chlorophyll' below
  • Antineoplaston work by Dr. Byrzinski 
  • Artemisinin - see here, here and here for info. There is now a bit of research available which you can find by going here
  • Autohemotherapy 
  • B17 (also 'Laetrile') - see here
  • BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) a form of intravesical immunotherapy - see here
  • Betaglucans - more info here
  • Bicarbonate protocol (Bicarb, Sodium bicarbonate) > countless sites offer info here, here is probably the original protocol from "Vernon's dance with cancer". And here are a few website links to read up on it: CancerTutor, another page from Cancer Tutor on this subject, and the message board on this subject from the CancerCompass website
  • Bioresonance therapy - see here
  • Bovine Colostrum - how it works
  • Calorie restriction / intermittent fasting - You'll find hundreds of informative websites under these search terms: Calorie Restriction or CR; CRON (Calorie Restriction Optimum Nutrition); CRAN (C.R. Adequate Nutrition). Here are a few websites as a starting point: for definition here; a few websites here, here and here. If you are an active cancer patient it is strongly recommended you do NOT lose weight beyond your ideal weight AND you maintain adequate muscle mass; CR, if not properly practised, will result in weightloss which is a risk factor for cancer patients.
  • Cancell (also Cantron or Protocel, or 'Sheridan formula') - more info here
  • Cannabinoids - see here for a website aligned with complementary practices, see here for a list of evidence and research on the subject, and here for a website aligned with traditional medical practice. Note: there are countless websites that offer information, you should always double check if a commercial interest is involved. Also note that if you intended to buy, different quality products exist in the US and in the Netherlands for example. In Europe (in Holland for example) to comply with drug legislation, the ingredient which is generally considered to offer the greater benefit has been removed, as it is also the one that induces the psychoactive changes, whereas some manufacturers in the US and Canada offer the product with those ingredients intact. 
  • Cansema (also called "black salves")
  • Cesium
  • Chelation therapy - see > here for basic info 
  • Chemotherapy - start by discussing your options with your oncology team. Then you could continue by reading here, here and here. 
  • Chemotherapy with Targeted Chemosensitivity testing (CST) - you could start by reading Dr. Forsyth's website (a complementary oncologist practising in Reno, Texas) - there are clinics offering this in Europe too. Further info here and a review of studies on CST here
  • Chlorophyll - comes from various sources, for example wheatgrass (juiced) - see here for info
  • COX-2 inhibitors
  • ​Chronotherapy - more information here 
  • Cytokine therapy
  • Dian Xian (also Tian Xian, but pronounced "Dianne Sean", hence listed under 'D')
  • Dentistry, biological > see holistic dentistry
  • Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) - various viewpoints exist you are well advised to do your own due diligence. See for example herehere and here
  • D-Limonene - more info here, more info on the family of monoterpenes here
  • Dtosin - sells itself as a "a frequency enhanced water elixir that carries a set of vibrational messages to cells in your body. Cells communicate via vibrational energetic frequencies. These messages are a set of instructions to compromised cells, specifically turning on the processes that cause apoptosis (natural cell death) of those cells". I have never tried it and I have yet to see any kind of evidence or positive patient feedback for this product.
  • Electrochemical Tumour Therapy (ECT, also called Galvanotherapy) - see Galvanotherapy
  • Enemas (coffee and other)
  • Epican Forte - more info here (this website is not independent)
  • Epsom salts - more info here
  • Escozul - the venom of the Blue Scorpion found in Mexico or Cuba. Many dubious sources exist in an attempt to cash in on what caused a bit of a whirlwind at the time. Find information here and here
  • Galavit 
  • Galvanotherapy (also ECT for Electrochemical Therapy) - see here. Very little evidence see here
  • Gaston Naessens 714-X therapy - more info here
  • Gene therapy
  • Glutamine restriction
  • Glutathione - on its role in cancer see here, more complete info here
  • Hair Mineral Analysis - a useful and relatively inexpensive test that can reveal deficiencies as well as levels of toxicity. I receive a discount on this test so do let me know if intend to buy it - cancer patients have to spend their money wisely! here is a good review on this subject
  • Herbal therapies - there are obviously too many herbs to list here. Caution is warranted as to potential side-effects and interactions. Consult a qualified herbalist before using any herbal products, especially those combining 2 or more herbs. Where traditional chinese medicine products are used, where combinations of 8 or more products are common, a qualified herbalist should ask you for your list of medications/drugs in order to check potential interactions for EVERY SINGLE HERB used in the products they will prescribe you. If your herbalist does not ask for a list of your drugs & medicines, you ought to either seek out a different herbalist, or seek additional advice from another qualified herbalist who will screen the products given to you and ensure none of them interfere with the actions of your medication
  • HCG Urine Immunoassay (Human chorionic gonadotropin test) - Dr. Navarro's website
  • HIFU / High Intensity Focused Ultrasound - see here for more information
  • Honokiol (magnolia byphenils) - see here 
  • Hoxsey Therapy (also Hoxsey Method)
  • Hydrogen peroxide 
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers - there is now a good amount of evidence for this therapy which is widely available and has almost no side effects; see here for info, and here for a list of studies on HOCs. If you need help in finding a HO chamber please get in touch.
  • Hyperthermia
  • Immuno-augmentative therapy (IAT)
  • Immune modulators 
  • Interleukin-2 (low dose IL-2) - some info here
  • Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) - see here for info
  • Iodine - high dose iodine for use with cancer, esp. of the breast and other oestrogen sensitive tissues - see here, here and listen to Dr. Mercola's radio interviews with Dr. Brownstein, one of the three original "iodine doctors" on youtube here, here and here
  • Ionized water - see here
  • Ionized baths - no apparent benefit, see here
  • Iscador (also Mistletoe)  - for info, see here - and for general overview by a website aligned with traditional allopathic medicine, see here 
  • Jason Winter herbal teas - this link is to a commercial website advertising the products (herbal teas) made under the brand of Jason Winter. Caution is advised on 2 grounds - 1) the commercial nature of the site, and 2) herbal products, even teas, need to be vetted for potential interactions with drugs and other products taken. Consult a qualified practitioner for advice
  • Jiaogulan - see here
  • Josef M. Issels protocol - more info here and here 
  • KangLaiTe 
  • Kelley metabolic therapy (also Kelley metabolic typing)
  • Kelmun Protocol - after Jim Kelmun. A simple Bicarbonate of Soda + source of sugar protocol - Jim Kelmun advocated maple syrup. See here and, in a greater context, here (scroll down to 'Kelmun Protocol')
  • Ketogenic nutrition programme (I developed my own to make sure it was as anti-inflammatory as was possible) - please see the research pages here, and you can also take a look on my facebook group which I set up for patients who follow an anti-inflammatory ketogenic diet 
  • Kloss formula (after Dr Jethro Kloss, N.D.)
  • Lactoferrin - see here and for a list of useful studies > see here
  • Laser light therapy
  • Live cell therapy (also xenotransplant therapy) - for info see here and for cautions here
  • Liver support & detoxification - I can't point you to a single link here because liver support should be an individual approach - it should be designed individually to suit each patient specifically. But there are some very important take-home-messages - here they are: 
    1) your liver is your body's main detoxification organ and it should not be overloaded by unnecessary or even unhelpful 'detoxification' procedures. Remember that any product however natural that is NOT meant to be in your body will be regarded as a foreign substance which most likely will have to be 'detoxified' by your liver in a complex process of chemical reactions. Your liver also deals with all your other toxins - everyday chemicals from your cosmetics, environmental toxins, pesticides, air fresheners, fabric softeners, cleaning products etc etc. Your liver is ALREADY overloaded: think twice before adding a 'herbal detox mix' to the load. In my opinion liver detox shoul be in the first degree a process of elimination of as many sources of toxicity and inflammation as possible, and in 2nd degree, supplementation with a few targeted proven effective substrates, as few as possible.
    2) any product you choose to use should be run past your own practitioner who knows your full medical and personal histories, and also very importantly will be able to check your chosen supplements against any potential interactions with any drugs / medication you might be taking or chemo or other drugs you may have taken in the last 6-12 months (as these can linger for a long time in your system).
    3) I would expressly warn you against taking a quick-fix remedy thrown together by a highstreet herbal practitioner IF THAT PRACTITIONER IS NOT TAKING THE TIME TO CHECK ALL ITS INGREDIENTS AGAINST YOUR MEDICATIONS AND OTHER SUPPLEMENTS. I have seen patients who were "prescribed" a herbal "detox mix" which contained 21 different herbs. Any herbalist worth their salt will check any herbal products against all other drugs and supplements taken by any given patient. That is what "prescribed" means. So if a practitioner is willing to simply hand you a product without any further questions or checks, they are not a safe practitioner. Remember: anything can interact with anything else
  • Livingston-Wheeler therapy (Dr Virginia Livingston)
  • Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) 
  • Lymphatic drainage massage or Lymph drainage massage - see here
  • Marijuana (also Cannabis or CBD) - see above under Cannabinoids
  • Matthias Rath Cellular Solution Therapy - see here
  • Max Cellular & Immune Specialist
  • MCP Modified Citrus Pectin - see here and here
  • Medicinal mushrooms 
  • Meditation 
  • Melatonin
  • Methionine restriction (watch video)
  • Methylation therapy
  • Methylglyoxal - for description of history see here (p22ff), for an example of a study > see here 
  • Mistletoe - for info, see here - and for general overview by a website aligned with traditional allopathic medicine, see here 
  • Naltrexone (low-dose naltrexone therapy)
  • Nano Red
  • N-Tense
  • Ney Tumorin 
  • Noscapine (also Anarcotine, Narcotine, Nectodon, Nospen, a benzylisoquinoline alkaloid) 
  • Nutrition protocols other than my anti-inflammatory ketogenic or paleo programmes - eg Gerson, Budwig, Hulda Clarke, Dr Nicholas Gonzalez 
  • Oleandrin 
  • Oncolytic vaccines e.g. Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV)
  • Oncotox (by Dr. Donsbach)
  • Oncolyn (by Arthur Djang)
  • Orasal (tableted Salicinium, by Perfect Balance)
  • Oxygen & Ozone therapy
  • Ozone baths
  • Paleo nutrition programme (anti-inflammatory)
  • PC-SPES herbal mix
  • Photon Protocol (Ed Skilling Institute, see also below > Skilling Kehr Protocol)
  • Plasma-Beck Protocol (Webster Kehr, see also below > Skilling Kehr Protocol)
  • Pleo Sanum remedies
  • Poly MVA
  • PNC Support Elixir
  • Probiotics
  • Protocel (also Cancell)
  • Protomorphogens (PMGs)
  • PSP (polysaccharide peptide) and PSK (polysaccharide krestin)
  • Pyrotherapy (also Fever Therapy)
  • Radiotherapy
  • Relaxation
  • Rife frequency therapy (Rife Frequency Machine)
  • Salicinium 
  • SeaCure
  • Skilling-Kehr Protocol 
  • Supplementation: which products are best for you, in other words: which products are the most effective whilst being the least expensive? I use a great variety of different supplements depending on the nature of your condition. I am familiar with a great number of different products from over 150 different manufacturers. Not every supplement does what it should or provides what it says on the label. The absorption or bioavailability of some products - even some very popular products! - is poor and you would waste your money buying those. Often more effective alternatives exist at the same or a lesser cost
  • Tangeritin
  • Targeted Chemosensitivity testing (CST) > Please see Chemotherapy above
  • Telomerase Elixir
  • Tesla machine (also Vibe machine, Quantum Pulse machine)
  • Thymus peptide therapy
  • Ukrain
  • Venus's Flytrap
  • VG-1000 Cancer Vaccine
  • Visualisation
  • Vitamin C highdose & IV
  • Wobe-Mugos enzymatic therapy
  • ​Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ


One well-known example of apparently 'innocent' food causing dangerous interactions with drugs is Grapefruit and and Pomegrenate fruit, and their juices, which contain a substance called naringenin which decreases the rate of elimination of drugs through the liver (a pathway called cytochrome P450). This decrease in excretion results in a massive increase of the time any affected drugs spend in your bloodstream, which could effectively lead to an overdose.