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Although some patients will only need shorter consultations or chats, many will start their health journey with me with a Complete Health Review: a full & detailed check-up and a review of the patient's entire medical history incl. all available diagnostics and medical correspondence up to this point. My fees for this like any other type of consultation work remain the unchanged at £1 per minute. I only charge for time actually used.

A typical Complete Health Review will begin with my reviewing the consultation form (download here), then reading through relevant patient files & medical notes. These can be emailed or posted and my Secretary Sue can organise a courier to pick up the notes from you; then, after my reading these, Sue will scan/file the salient information and return the documents to you safely. 

The consultation can take place either face-to-face or over the phone or by video call or group video conferencing: we use all the different tools at our disposal to bring patient(s) and consultant together. After this initial conversation, I may need additional time to study & research your case in more depth. Thereafter I will formulate my recommendations and put them in writing in either a summary form (a bulleted list of my recommendations) or, if you prefer even greater detail, a complete handout booklet (depending on complexity of a patient's situation - this can be anything up to 70 pages). Again, my time is charged at £1 per minute committed to any task.

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Anya Dutton Blog

Consultant of Change

"May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be at peace." 

From Mahayana Buddhism (the Mettabhavana meditation)

"May the Lord guide you continually, preserving your health and watering your life when you are dry.
​May you be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring of hope for your future in His care". 

From Isaiah 58:11 and Jeremiah 29:11

For additional charges such as travel please see my fees page here

How I work

Consultations & Fees

I work with a wide range of different conditions, although approx. 2/3 of my patients come to me with chronic severe illness, such as autoimmune disease or cancer. My overall goal is to achieve the greatest possible improvement in as few consultations as possible. I do not believe in gradually divulging to you trickles of information over the course of many consultations over months or even years - I typically convey all the relevant information in a single session, so that you effectively can hit the ground running and (if you so wish) only need to speak to me once. In addition to a saving of time this also means substantially less money spent on consultations!

As part of my consultations, I spend time researching each patient's specific situation, study their medical files & look over blood tests and other diagnostic information provided. I refer where needed. I may suggest additional diagnostic tests (such as genetic testing of tumour cells to ascertain to which agents they are most susceptible. Naturally, I carefully check my recommendations against a patient's existing medication and treatment schedule to avoid risky interactions. And I provide written summaries post-consultation which outline my recommendations, as I found this maximises a patient's recall of all the aspects discussed in consultation. This is particularly valuable for longer consultations.

I offer face-to-face and phone/video consultations of any length - my fees are very simple: I charge £1 per minute of my time (£60/hr) for everything I do, from consultation time to writing handouts, referral letters, reviewing patient files etc. Where my secretary Sue's time is involved, such as for scanning medical notes, filing, diary work, her admin time is charged at £0.20 per minute (£12/hr). People's needs vary: some patients just need a little of my time, say a 10 minute phone call or even just a brief whatsapp exchange; others may need an hour or more to talk over more complicated issues. Charging by the minute means you never pay for more time than you use. We also use an app that tracks and itemises the time used and all invoices detail exactly how time was spent. 

How a Complete health Review works

disclaimers & notes

  • I do not claim to cure cancer or other conditions
  • I will always refer where appropriate
  • I do not recommend you stop medical treatment 
  • I do not suggest you fight cancer using diet alone
  • I am happy to communicate my suggestions and the rationale behind these to your doctor and/or specialist medical team
  • ​You may choose to implement my suggestions or not, I will support you whatever your choice

A very detailed summary of what full health review with me may involve. 

Shorter consultations are available!

Here is an up-to-date view of my diary. I always try to accommodate urgent appointment requests. My diary is updated daily by my secretary Sue.

I work quite differently to other practitioners. Here you can read more about my approach and my background.

MY Diary

Nutrition for cancer patients

Nutrition for Autoimmune Disease patients