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New laws from 2014 now prohibit the display of feedback that could be seen to imply that I have helped improve ANY PARTICULAR CONDITION. This made it illegal to display almost all my patient's feedback letters. Some of my patients have written new letters; others have not. However, ALL MY PATIENTS have stated that they are happy to talk to you about their experience of my work with them, in their own words, to give you an idea of what working with me is like. Please read the section to the right about the new rules & laws governing display of feedback for practitioners like me.

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Some Patient feedback

But ultimately We need to REMIND OURSELVES that 

A note on the New Laws & Regulations around the display of Patient Feedback

Recently, a number of new regulations which govern the display of patient feedback by complementary practitioners such as myself were introduced. These regulations forbid the display of any feedback which might by its content or context suggest that I have helped to improve any patient's specific condition. So for example, I cannot legally display a thank you letter or written feedback from a patient in which she or he writes "thank you for helping me with my condition X" or "thank you for improving my illness Y". 

This effectively made it 'illegal' to display almost all my patients' thank you letters'. I have since begun to ask patients for renewed feedback letters which are phrased in generic terms.

Naturally there still are practitioners who ignore these guidelines however given my scope of work I prefer to comply so as not to leave myself open to any type of challenge.

In case you want to know a bit more about what is prohibited, I've copied in below a more precise phrasing of these regulations which, as you will see it is quite restrictive. 

  • It is illegal to make a connection between the work of a complementary practitioner and an improvement, however small and however justified, in any given condition. 
  • Also disallowed are any claims which state or imply that someone's health could be adversely affected by consuming certain foods such as "junk food" or "hydrogenated vegetable oils" or "sugar". So effectively under these terms it would be illegal to state that "junk food is not good for you" or that "sugar is bad for your health", despite the fact that you will read statements to this effect literally every day in the media. 
  • It is also illegal to claim or to imply that any given food prevents, treats or cures disease, or that it might reduce the risk of a particular disease "unless specifically authorised by the European Commission e.g. under Article 14.1a of the NHCR"
  • It is also illegal to state or to imply that vitamin deficiencies or mineral deficiencies do exist (!) or  that certain dietary programmes may restore suchdeficiencies.
  • It is also illegal to state or imply that  any natural practitioner can diagnose and/or treat disease (EU Human Medicinal Products Directive).
  • And finally, it is illegal to make any claims alluding to health benefits relation to  food supplement products if these are not among the (very limited) list of health claims authorised by the EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation - NHCR.

So you will understand that I keep my feedback page neat and clear of documents that would allow the reader to infer that I have helped any of my patients make progress in their disease.