Nutrition for cancer patients

Nutrition for Autoimmune Disease patients

​1 hour per month: £50pcm
​(save £10 - saving of 16.5%) 

​4 hours £200

(save £60 - saving of 25%)​

2 hours £105 

(save £15 - saving of 12.5%)​

2 hours per quarter £30pcm

(save £30 - saving of 16.5%)

​2 hours per 6 months £108pcm

(save £12 - saving of 10%)​

Prepayment Savings

​3 hours £145 

(save £35 - saving of 19.5%)​

1 hour £55 

(save £5 - saving of 8%)​

2 hours per month £90pcm

(save £30 - saving of 25%)

Prepayment buys you a Your choices are: 

Detailed Fees & Charges for Patient Services

Monthly, quarterly or bi-annual subscriptions follow on from the initial consultation and are intended as a cost-saving alternative to 'pay-as-you-go' for patients who need ongoing time for consultations, queries, review of diagnostic information such as blood tests, help with nutrition plans, supplements schedules etc. It's a recurring 'allowance' which can be spent in any way - over the phone, messaging, face-to-face consultation, skype, video conferencing, whatsapp calls etc. The subscribe button will take you to Paypal for a monthly subscription that you can end anytime simply by clicking the 'unsubscribe' button, or by cancelling the subscription in your own Paypal account. Additional time will be invoiced at £1/minute or you can buy a prepayment allowance via the prepayment options below which can be used as and when you need to top up your subscription allowance.

Your choices are: 

Subscription Savings