Nutrition for cancer patients

Nutrition for Autoimmune Disease patients

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Naturopathic nutrition for Everyone. Specialist in oncology, Autoimmune, Anti-ageing & Inflammatory disease

Parkinson's Disease

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Liver disease / Cirrhosis

Articles on the use of a ketogenic diet for conditions other than cancer

Please note: These articles are intended as a point of departure for those interested in researching these subjects further and NOT as recommendations for treatment.

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Epilepsy & other Neurological Illnesses

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Ulcerative Colitis


Dementia / Alzheimer's Disease


Crohns diet


sjogrens diet

Diet for IBD

Diet for Autoimmune disease

Low Dose Naltrexone


Consultant of Change & Inflammation Activist 

Nutritional therapy for cancer patients

nutritional therapy for autoimmune disease patients

nutrition for cancer patients

nutrition for autoimmune disease patients