Consultant of Change & Inflammation Activist 

Nutritional therapy for cancer patients

nutritional therapy for autoimmune disease patients

nutrition for cancer patients

nutrition for autoimmune disease patients

Are you worrying about specific risk factors? Sedentary lifestyle, frequent flyer, stress? Penchant for carbs, late nights & a good single malt? Smoker? Weightgain? Too little exercise? 


Do you have any illnesses running up your family tree? Most people do. But genetics only make up one side of the dice: we'll help you make sure that the other sides are heavily weighted in your favour and give you the very best chances going forward.



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Naturopathic nutrition for Everyone. Specialist in oncology, Autoimmune, Anti-ageing & Inflammatory disease

A full health review will optimise your existing health. You'll be given a total once over, no aspect that could affect wellbeing left unturned. Our experience allows us to spot even small systemic flaws and teach you simple, niche hacks which you'd likely never hear encounter without our specialist input.

Nutrition for cancer patients

Nutrition for Autoimmune Disease patients

Optimise  ~  Prevent  ~  Mitigate

Crohns diet


sjogrens diet

Diet for IBD

Diet for Autoimmune disease

Low Dose Naltrexone